CDT Audiophile Coaxials - 2 OHM

Sound quality you never heard before from a coaxial speaker set
CDT Audio coaxial speaker designs are based on our highly awarded mid-woofers and tweeters built into one unit for convenient installation.

If the speaker components themselves aren’t of the best quality by design, the music, no matter how pure, will get lost in the transfer. Years of research, engineering, and critical listening go into our proprietary coaxial speaker systems.

Buy any of our coaxial speakers and experience a sound quality you’ve never heard before from a coaxial speaker system.

Coaxial Speakers:
Awarded Best Coax Speaker:
6.5” coaxial 2-way speaker system
  • 1 pr CL-6EX 6.5” woofer w/ ¾” silk dome tweeter
  • Built-in 6dB crossover
  • Built-in tweeter protection
  • Butyl cone surrounds
  • Carbon-reinforced cones
ES-6EXM ES-6EXM.2 Audiophile modular w choice sound flavor coaxial speaker system
ES-6EXM ASF ES-6EXM ASF.2 Audiophile modular all inclusive 4 sound flavor coaxial speaker system
HD-6100iEX ES-0691CFX.2
2-way component 6X9” Coaxial Speaker
  • 1 pr 6X9”  Audiophile Carbon Fiber Coaxial speaker6X9” mid-woofer
  • 1” silk dome tweeter
  • 24 dB Elliptic Transient Optimized crossover
2-way 6X9” audiophile component coaxial set
  • ES-6 6.7” cast 2 Ohm convertible mid-woofer
  • EX-550i 24dB crossover
  • ES-1200iS  1.2” Transparent silk wide dispersion tweeter
Slim Design 6.5” Coaxial Speakers

Slim Design 6.5” Coaxial 2-way component system

  • 1 pr HD-6EX 6.5” carbon fiber mid-woofer
  • Built-in 12dB crossover
  • Built-in Poly switch tweeter protection
  • Injection Carbon Fiber Cone.
  • Hidden tweeter lead wires
  • Butyl cone surrounds
  • Bi-amp able
Deep Bass Woven Carbon Fiber 6X9” Coaxial Speaker
HD-690 TSX

HD-690 TSX.2
SLIM 6X9” Ultra Audiophile Component Coaxial Speaker

  • 1 pr HD-690S 6X9” woofer
  • 1 pr ES-1200iS Transparent Silk” tweet
  • EX-559i 2-way  24dB crossover

HD-690 SX.2
SLIM 6X9" Component Coaxial Speaker

  • 1 pr 6X9" Mix Carbon Fiberglass Component Coax System
  • HD-690S 6X9" woofer
  • TW-26 1" soft dome tweeter
  • EX-430 2-way crossover
HD-690 CFX

HD-690 CFX.2
“Deep Bass” High Power 6x9 2-way coaxial speaker

  • 6X9” Woven Carbon Fiber cone
  • Butyl rubber surround
  • 1.2” silk dome tweeter
  • 6dB crossover
  • Built-in tweeter protection
  • High Power Handling
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