ES Gold Series - 2 ohms
EuroSport Series CDT GOLD items come with a GOLD “Life Time” 10 Year manufacturing defect warranty!

“Contoured Dispersion Technology” Musical Imaging
That Borders On The Magical.

You are guaranteed that only the best of the best components are chosen for each and every products sold under the CDT GOLD banner. Audiophile listeners have turned to CDT Audio gold series, and you’ll soon be a believer too. Until you’ve heard CDT Gold, we think you haven’t heard the most accurate, most compelling musical reproduction you can hear in a car.

All mid-woofers utilize a mix of Kevlar fiberglass fabric cones with semi-soft polymer domes and rubber surrounds. These superior drivers feature virtually unlimited life and extreme “quietness.” Ultralow distortion and smoothly controlled roll-off characteristics are provided. The result is astounding naturalness and precision. The measurements show smooth extension and glitch-free roll-off.

This is the sound of the CDT GOLD EuroSport Competition Series!
ES-60CV ES-60CV.2
6.7” cast 2-way convertible component/coax system
  • 1 pr ES-6CV  6.7” Kevlar/mix fiberglass cast mid-woofers
  • 1 pr EX-430  Installer 2-way xover
  • 1 pr DRT-20 20mm silk swivel tweeter

6.7” cast 2-way convertible mid-woofer
  • 1 pr ES-6CV 6.7” Kevlar/mix fiberglass cast mid-woofer
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