CRM-632iMKiS High-Rez Audio
Astonishing High-Resolution Audio Dimensionality-Fast, Clean Transients. 

The Chrome CRM-6iMKiS inverted neodymium magnet woofer represent a best-of breed philosophy in the audio industry

Chrome 3-way models are based on the famous and highly claimed CDT Audio Contoured Dispersion woofer driver Technology here incorporated with a Kevlar cone and the new ES-1200iS 50,000Hz high-Resolution audio tweeter and 3-way high-resolution audio adjustable crossover.

Good speaker engineering doesn’t happen by accident, the 6.7” slim inverted magnet high-resolution audio mid-woofer and 3” midrange fabulously smooth, Kevlar cones extract all the music and add no coloration to the sound. Experience airier crispier sound stage. Theystart and stop on a dime for the most lucid recreation of the musical experience.

No money has been waisted on  building in features that make no difference to high-resolution audio sound performance or reliability. 



CRM-6iMK info (PDF) >

ES-1200iS High-Rez audio tweeter info (PDF) >

6.7”/3” Slim Kevlar 3-way component system

Technical specs and contents

  • • 1 pr CRM-6iMK High-Rez audio 6.7” Kevlar inverted magnet mid-woofers
    • 1 pr CRM-3K High-Rez Audio 3” midrange
    • 1 pr EX-30 High-Rez audio adjustable 3-way crossover
    • 1 pr ES-1200iS 1” High-Rez audio 50,000Hz silk dome tweeters
    • Power handling: 200 watts RMS @ HPF 100Hz
    • Frequency response: 50Hz-50,000Hz
    • Impedance: 3 ohms
    • Sensitivity: 92.4dB
    • Mounting depth: 1.89”/2”
    • Flush and surface tweeter housings
    • Adjustable 3-way crossover


For a limited time CDT Audio factory is offering a Trade-In special promotion program on the NEW Chrome High-Resolution Audio Series.

If you have a working (any brand) speaker, amplifier, or any other audio item you'd like to trade, here’s your opportunity to take advantage (for a limited time) of CDT Audio very special Trade-In Program.

Here’s how the trade works: It’s quite simple. CDT trusts that your trade-in is in working condition. After you received your new speaker system, send in your trade-in item to CDT Audio within 30 days.
Find Trade-In shipping instructions inside the shipping box for your new Chrome Speaker system.

The Trade-In program is available through CDT Audio on line or through any authorized CDT Audio brick-and-mortar dealer.

Call toll free for further detailed information: 1-877-568-3238 CDT Audio sales support team.

Select from options in the dropdown menu.
Choose either as a regular purchase
or with rebate with your Trade-In:

Price (incl. warranty)


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