Optimum Speaker Placement

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An often asked question by consumers on our tech support line is:

"What's The Best/Optimum Speaker Placement"to achieve perfect imaging?

Optimum Speaker Placement
The attached images show good speaker placement and speaker angle for both door/kick panel and A-pillar installs.

Try to get as close as possibly to these speaker placements and speaker angles on your installs and imaging will always be improved/close to perfect.
Stock door panels are often more than 30% muffling up clean clear path dispersion.
Why buy a good clean and detailed sounding speaker if it will be muffled by a poor door panel grill design.

Make sure the speakers are mounted as “far out” as possible in the door (on a wood baffle if possible) and make sure the door panel grill has design for a clear vertical and horizontal dispersion.
Stock door panels are often screwing up clean clear dispersion: Do Not mount a speaker “far into” the door and then cover with the stock door panel, stock door grills always ruin good musical sound quality and musical detail and imaging. Dampening the door:
Dampen the door and door panel well, this is critical and important for good bass response and overall sound quality.
Check to make sure there are no air leaks around the speakers.
6.5” in the door only!
Don’t mount a 6.5” mid-woofer in a small sealed enclosure/kick pod, always use the door as enclosure for 6.5” and larger drivers. Mount the mid woofer far down and far forward in the door, aim toward dome light/sunroof area if possible.
Good main Tweeter placement:
Always make sure the main component system Tweeter is mounted “close to the mid woofer” if possible angled toward the dome light/sunroof area. “Never” mount the main component Tweeter away from the mid woofer and or high up on the door sail panel or rear mirror location, never.
Poor Tweeter placement:
“Never” use the side rear mirror location as your main Tweeter placement! Always mount the main component Tweeter close to the mid woofer location, always!
Right kick door Proper system tuning:
Don’t hesitate to send an email to CDT should you have any specific install and or system amp gain setting or overall tuning questions. Email:info@cdtaudio.com

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