CDT Audio Products gain attention by critics

HD-62 wins Best Speaker Award again in A3 Car Audio magazine test review in Russia.

Sound quotes:
High frequencies are smooth and detailed. The midrange is elaborate. With a good quality back sound stage. The tone color is very natural throughout
the band width. The system is fit for rendering acoustic and electronic music alike. The crossover  is  a marvel of circuit engineering – a 24dB “Elliptic Transient Optimized” deliver a well balanced sound. In A Nut Shell... Speakers for the sophisticated listener.

HD 62

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Quote; "The system imaged so well that I could imagine Dido standing on the dash board. The image of Dido was sharply focused and placed precisely under the rearview mirror.


With the CDT 519XT UpStage system hooked up - all images were high (about 6-8 inches above the dash) and out front in their correct locations, not down on the floormats. I heard bright, crisp, and clean sound from sharp images on a high, deep and wide soundstage.

The sound seemed to be coming from the windshield. Image focus was realistic and convincing. Placement of of the musicians across the windshield stage was satisfying and compelling; the images were off the floor and above the dashboard, and we all agreed the CDT Audio UpStage™ system successfully raised the stage. This time, my ears, not my ankles, reaped the benefits". I was also impressed by the clarity of the sound, even at high volume. I couldn't believe how natural is sounded. In fact, I couldn't get enough!
With the CDT UpStage system, the images were hovering near the sunvisors."

Review the complete CDT 519XT UpStage system test report in Road & Track roadgear In-Car Audio Video June-July-2005 issue.
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