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Model: ST-1000
Specs: Midrange tuning Zone adapter
Power handling: 200watt
4 Ohm
Designed for tweaking and tuning out honk and blare caused by vehicle
interiors sound reflections from midrange drivers.
No more fatiguing sound. SX-1000 is the solution to make your midrange sound correct and sooth and blend well with tweeters in any vehicle.
For use with 2 or 3-way component system.
This unit is stereo, handles both channels you only need one unit.

Ship w/housing
Close out model minor scratches on top cover surface
Display show room unit
Ship in bulk wrap as gift box is damaged.
Midrange tuning Zone adapter @ 100% perfect sound quality condition.
Refurbished price $39.99 e/a+$10.00 shipping

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