CF-2iPod DVC Centerstage system™

Sound Stage Above The Dash!

CDT Stage Enhancement Technology Proudly Announces

The impact of CF-2iPodDVC is immediately obvious – the voices and instruments seem to magically take shape in a seamless sound stage directly ahead above the dash. The result is to create a listening experience that is much more like the experience of attending the live event – the musicians and sound sources seem to be arrayed in front of you as if you were sitting at the live concert first row. Several psycho-acoustic effects need to be accomplished in order for this to work so well.


You will experience a more overall detailed sound and staging above the dash, more open and clear vocals, snappier and tighter mid-bass response and more. The CF-2iPodDVC system consist of a 2” DVC Hybrid wide range mid- tweeter with range from 250Hz-20,000Hz. You wire the CF-2iPodDVC directly to your left and right front speaker channels. The system ships with crossovers and volume control so you can gradually raise the sound stage and make a perfect blend with your existing door sound system.

CF-2iPod DVC

The  CF2iPodDVC Hybrid accent fill speaker pod is also available in all kinds of customcolors to match your vehicle interior. Indicate color at PayPal Check out.


CF-2iPod DVC
Centerstage system

Technical specs and contents

  • Frequency response: 250Hz-20,000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 86dB
  • Power handling:HPF 250Hz 100WRMS 
  • Magnet: Neodymium 
  • Voice coil: 1.0” (25mm)
  • Surround: Rubber
  • Frame: Cast aluminum
  • Cone: Fabric/paper carbon reinforced
  • Impedance 2X4 Ohms: DVC (dual voice coil) 
  • Cone surround: rubber
  • Injection molded speaker Pod
  • 1 e/a LP-1 Volume blending control unit
  • 1 pair Pod-HP high pass crossovers
  • Dimensions:
    Width: 2.5in (62mm)
    Height: 2 5/8in (65mm)
    Depth: 2 1/8in (56mm)
Price (incl. warranty)

Promo Price: $149.99

Reg. $199.99

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