LP-1 Tweeter volume control unit

LP-1 gives full control of your main and or image tweeter level

Introducing Model: LP-1 Volume/ level control unit for tweeter drivers

Take full control of your main and or image tweeter level for perfect blend with your other speakers in your front stage sound system. The CDT Audio LP-1 stereo level control unit is supplied pre-wired for left and right tweeter drivers. The LP-1 control unit can also be connected in parallel to the crossovers of your existing system tweeters.


The CDT Audio LP-1 volume control unit allows level setting in the tweeter  pair while maintaining the crossover response shape throughout the useable range.

Price (incl. warranty)

Price: $59.99

Here the range from full on to minus 10dB. is shown. This represents as much attenuation than you would ever want to

LP-1 Diagram

Experience Musical Imaging That Borders On The Magical!

Many auto-sound systems cannot ideally provide for a convenient ideal mounting position. In some cases the tweeters may need to be mounted well below ear level. In order to embellish the extreme top end and to lift the image (usually toward the windshield area) the CDT- Image Enhancement system can add a dash of “air” and space to enable the best overall special character.

There is a good reason to add a pair of image enhancement tweeters upfront connected to an attenuator control unit which is to improve the distribution of the highs and to fuse those highs into the overall sound. This image enhancement system will bring the highs and stereo image sound stage level to where the drivers head sits. No more playing for your legs!


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